June 5, 2012

E3 is HERE!

I know I know... it's been a handful of days since my last post. I've done it again... I imply just can't get the hand of this blog thing.. posting all of my thoughts up there on a near daily basis to try and keep up with all that the gaming world has to offer.

I try though. I will say, with all of the lame crappy stuff I've seen so far from the E3 press conferences and game releases... only one truly stands out to report on.


It is a new IP open world title from Ubisoft centered around the digital footprint we all leave behind. You play as Aiden Pierce, a hacker who can infiltrate the computers running the power grid, phone system, personal devices and pretty much anything that is connected to a computer. 

Though watching this trailer seems like a game-play trailer of a playable version of TV's "Persons of Interest" the graphics and fluidity are phenomenal. Touted as a PS3/XBOX 360 title, the game certainly challenges the engines of these systems and focuses on the next gen's capability.

It was a refreshing look at a tired sea of FPS's and rhetoric of the same old same old from the rest of the press releases. I hope we see more of this style of art/gameplay in the days to come.